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That agreement has only ever been kept by me—in a drawer.The other day, Indie and I were at the university library circulation desk, where I was checking on a missing book. The current one, Oklahoma, has been the longest, four years, and my restlessness and desire to pack up and move on again is balanced only by my accountability to her via income and health insurance. America. Al menos no mientras está en el aire, ya que sus bromas con las personas que llaman con frecuencia conducen a un aumento de las audiencias, lo que le encanta a su emisora. I tore it in half and dropped the pieces into the trash can beside my desk.When Indie asks why he left, it feels the way Hemingway described good writing, that the seven-eighths beneath the surface is what truly moves the narrative. I am making the curve near the trees, so I am close to the I-35 junction.All the single mothers I have known have been single in self only, but not in parenthood; there are weekends, alternating holidays, weeks in the summer. Radio Silence. The heavyset man erupts with a “What a unique child!” then wants to know what Indie wants to build and if she might want a subscription to Years after Frank Sinatra left his wife and three young children for Ava Gardner, he would tell his youngest, Tina, “I was selfish—my choices would affect you forever.”Since I started listening to this program, I have intermittently shouted across the interior of my car and through the windshield to the highway before me, to the leafless trees, their branches craggy and sharp, to the overcast sky: “Why isn’t anyone talking about the absent fathers?” And then Mary Pols says this:It’s funny—if the survey had said, for instance, instead of, you know, do you think that single mothers raising children without fathers or without male figures are bad for society? My background in literary theory informs me that I am Other.I take the exit for I-35 south, trying not to get dizzy as I make the full circle ramp to the highway, always sure this will be the time when I will miss the gaps in semitraffic and be forced to the shoulder, both me and the car shuddering.

I keep the letter and the book in a box for her, along with the dress she was wearing the last time he saw her, a plaid, quilt-patterned sundress, size six months. Vie privée. Jill (Georgina Haig) es una popular personalidad de la radio, una dura defensora del amor que le hace frente a los problemas de relación de sus oyentes y, con mucha frecuencia, le recomienda que deje ir al novio o al marido. Even I have documents that refer to me, the custodial parent, and him, the noncustodial one, documents with our names, our Social Security numbers. After an e-mail from someone named Shelly in Durham, North Carolina, who claims to have taken the survey and answered “bad for society” based upon economic hardship and our society’s refusal to help, Conan announces another guest:Mary Pols, a journalist who reviews books and movies for Now on the main highway, there’s little chance for me to call in just at the moment I want to the most so that I can respond to Shelly and counter Ms. Pols. Abandonment: if there’s a box that single mothers check to identify their status, that’s the one I’d check, but Neal Conan’s mention of it is the first time I’ve ever heard it publicly acknowledged.

Jill (Georgina Haig) es una popular personalidad de la radio, una dura defensora del amor que le hace frente a los problemas de relación de sus oyentes y, con mucha frecuencia, le recomienda que deje ir al novio o al marido. When I—you know, when I heard the Pew Institute study that single motherhood is bad for society, I found that statement really problematic as though it’s the mother’s fault.You know, I think the system, our laws, our schools, our judges, are prejudiced against single mothers.Even though I knew he would have nothing to do with Indie, my lawyer insisted we go to court, warned that the law had grown exceedingly sympathetic to fathers to ensure their rights and that there was little chance he would simply vanish.

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