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Mischa Barton has been axed from The Hills reboot New Beginnings after only one season, it’s been reported. But after it was revealed that Mischa would be on The Hills: New Beginnings, loyal viewers couldn’t help but ask why.

Whatever the case, she's sure top bring a bit more to the table than Mischa -- who, to be fair -- didn't do much to liven up the proceedings. Gone were the Lauren Conrads and Kristen Cavallaris who helped make the show famous.

Mischa Barton is used to being caught up in the drama.

According to her social media profiles, she's also a DJ and the CEO of PizzaGirl organic pasta sauce. More importantly, however, Caroline is a longtime friend of Paris Hilton's and a former friend of Kim Kardashian's. What Barton wasn’t prepared for, despite having those “loose connections” with The Hills cast, was all … As you're probably aware, a reboot of The Hills premiered on MTV last year with some major shake-ups in the cast. Caroline is heir to the D’Amore’s Pizza fortune.

It’s really come full circle,” she added. I was disappointed because it associated me with a group of girls that I would rather not be associated with.© 2020 The Hollywood Gossip - Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment NewsMischa Barton: Incoherent in Scary Pre-Hospital Footage Find out why she was chosen. The cast has such a great bond and dynamic after all of these years, bringing in Mischa and Brandon really opened the group up to new things.”

“Mischa traveled in the same circles as our cast, and she and the Pratts go way back.

In an inspired bit of stunt casting, Mischa Barton landed a role on The Hills: New Beginnings. Mischa Barton on The Hills: New Beginnings. Mischa Barton is one of the biggest additions to the Hills reboot New Beginnings.The actress and former O.C. I don’t care if people try to put me down. That was a low point for me.

Adding further insult to injury is the fact that producers wasted no time in finding a replacement for Mischa. Mischa Barton is one of the biggest additions to the Whitney Port, a returning cast member, discussed Barton’s addition on the podcast MTV co-president Nina L. Diaz made similar comparisons between Barton’s career and the original “Fans miss her and this was a great platform to tell her story. Reality TV producers will put up with a lot from their stars. “Bottom line, she wasn’t bringing much drama to the show.” I never, ever would have thought I would be arrested. It might sound crazy, but I’m a really nice person. Why Is Mischa Barton on ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’?

Barton hasn't done much acting since The O.C., and she probably use the cash. Powered by Mischa Barton is one of the newcomers to the 'Hills' reboot 'New Beginnings.'

Getting fired is bad enough, especially since Mischa was the only one who wasn't invited back, and the rest of the cast signed lucrative $50,000 per episode contracts. Mischa, of course, was one of the stars of the early-2000s high school drama The O.C. And it seems former The Hills star Mischa Barton learned that lesson the hard way this week. Mischa, of course, was one of the stars of the early-2000s high school drama The O.C.

TMZ reports that socialite Caroline D’Amore has been added to the cast. Surprisingly, The OC star Mischa Barton is now on the star-studded list, as is Pamela Anderson’s son, Brandon Thomas Lee. Yikes. "Our sources say producers found Mischa’s story line a bit bland, and her personality a little boring,” says a new report frim TMZ.

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