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The Internet’s best source for music from TV and movies since 2005The montage of the two weeks before Jade leaves for her internshipAfter jade leaves she thinks about David , and so does he.They take the Maserati for a spin at the valet. Jade refuses to believe it at first but when David confirms that he was actually at the scene, she becomes horrified and hides behind Keith. Find all 23 songs in Endless Love Soundtrack, with scene descriptions. Jade's nightly trysts begin to negatively impact her grades and her ability to sleep.

Richie's friend Kenny Rogers has also recorded the song. But by the time he returns, the flame has spread too far.

It was covered by R&B singer Luther Vandross with fellow R&B singer Mariah Carey and also by country music singer Shania Twain. At Hugh's lakeside funeral, Jade tells Ann that nobody will ever love her like David does, although Ann speaks to her for understanding and approval. While in prison, David watches Jade walk toward him through his barred cell window.

While the Endless Love movie itself faded into obscurity, the film's soundtrack and its theme song by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie, also called "Endless Love", certainly did not.The song became a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, and nearly 30 years after its release still … Back at school, one of David's friends, Billy, tells him that when he was 8 years-old he tried to burn a pile of newspapers, got scared and put the fire out, and his parents thought he was a hero for saving the house from burning. Ann starts living vicariously through them but her husband, Hugh, watches the couple with increasing unease. Endless Love Theatrical release poster Directed byFranco Zeffirelli Produced by Keith Barish Dyson Lovell Screenplay byJudith Rascoe Based onEndless Love by Scott Spencer Starring Brooke Shields Martin Hewitt Shirley Knight Don Murray Richard Kiley Penelope Milford Beatrice Straight James Spader Music byJonathan Tunick CinematographyDavid Watkin Edited byMichael J. Sheridan Production company PolyGram Pictures Distributed byUniversal Pictures Release date July 17, 1981 Running time 116 minut… David tries to explain it was an accident before he shoves Keith out of the way in a desperate bid to grab her. But the movie as a whole does not understand the particular strengths of the novel that inspired it, does not convince us it understands adolescent love, does not seem to know its characters very well, and is a narrative and logical mess.There are two sorts of people who'll be going to see In 2014, Scott Spencer, the author of the novel on which the film was based, wrote, "I was frankly surprised that something so tepid and conventional could have been fashioned from my slightly unhinged novel about the glorious destructive violence of erotic obsession". Listen to and download the music, ost, score, list of songs and trailers. David is sentenced to prison and despairs that he'll never see Jade again.

Endless Love was a notoriously sentimental romance about two mismatched, doomed teens. David rushes to warn the family but he is too late and the entire house is lost. Critics compared the film unfavorably to the novel, which showcased the dangers of obsessive love.

Following a trial, David is convicted of second-degree arson, sentenced to five years' probation, sent to a Following the loss of their home, the Butterfields have moved from Chicago to Later, Jade goes to David's apartment to say goodbye but he pulls Jade back as she tries to leave, throwing her on the bed and forcefully holding her down until Jade admits she loves him. Keith comes home to find the pair together again and falsely informs Jade that David is at fault for their father's death. In California at the beach.. David and Jade kiss and it fades in to end credits.The montage of the two weeks before Jade leaves for her internshipMace and Gwen's song for the game at the grad party.Song at the pool party during the family's short vacation when Jade says she misses partying and wants to feel young and dumb for that night.Does anyone know the movie theme song?? Yes. The film received mostly mixed reviews on release.

Although it initially causes a scene, Ann gently coaxes David to agree, telling him not to let Hugh "do something he'll regret".
Inspired by this story, David starts a fire on the Butterfields' front porch and walks away. Keith fights him off until the police arrive and arrest David for brawling and disturbing the peace. The one that plays on the title menu(if you have to CD). tunefind Is there anything good in the movie?

Billboard has named the original version as the greatest song duet of all-time. Brooke Shields is good. One night, Jade tries to steal one of her father's prescription sleeping pills but he catches her in the act.
As a last straw, Hugh demands that David should stop seeing Jade until the end of the school term. Upon its release in 1981, it was a smash success, but years afterward, it's best known as one of Brooke Shields' best performances and as the catalyst for "Endless Love," Lionel Richie and Diana Ross' sweeping, unabashedly mawkish love theme. Richie and Ross had one other song on the album, "Dreaming of … It sounds like a violin is being played kinda. Despite the poor reviews, its One night, Jade's mother Ann sneaks downstairs and catches Jade and David making love by the fireplace. All 34 songs from the Endless Love (2014) movie soundtrack, with scene descriptions.

"Endless Love" is a song written by Lionel Richie and originally recorded as a duet between Richie and fellow R&B singer Diana Ross. She is a great natural beauty, and she demonstrates, in a scene of tenderness and concern for Hewitt and in a scene of rage with her father, that she has a strong, unaffected screen acting manner.

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