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We will look for international opportunities as well. At our direct-to-consumer and international segment, operating losses were approximately $140 million higher in the quarter compared to last year, driven by costs associated with the launch of Disney+, which expanded into several new markets during the third quarter, partially offset by improved results at Star and ESPN+.During the third quarter, we launched Disney+ in India via our Disney+ Hotstar service, and France via a strategic partnership with Canal, and in Japan via a limited launch with NTT DOCOMO. Actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied. Our first question comes from Michael Nathanson with MoffettNathanson. Excluding certain items affecting comparability, this quarter's diluted earnings per share were $0.08. At this time, all participants lines are in a listen-only mode. The 60 million to 90 million included obviously two-thirds of that subs that we were going to get from outside the United States where except for just a few markets, we've not even launched yet. In the process, we're discovering ways to better serve our consumers during this challenging period. First one is stepping back a bit, what were the biggest surprises or learnings that you had post launch when you looked at what you accomplished and then after those learnings, how did you or what have you adjusted in terms of your launch plans or content spending plans after reviewing the first two months of this product?Well, I don't know if you call this a surprise, but certainly it's a learning because we didn't know until we launched, but we've been heartened by the fact that there has been basically consumption of a broad array of product across all of our brands. So the second part of the question [Speech Overlap]. Operator, next question please.Thank you. So let me just make a couple of comments on the dividend. Bob, as you know, I've covered you guys for a long time and I've covered the theaters for a long time and I've probably heard you say maybe a dozen times over the last four years that you are 100% committed to the theatrical window going forward despite the launch of Disney+. Now when I say APAC, not in India.These are in other parts of Asia. Let's conquer your financial goals together...faster. When you look across our full portfolio of direct-to-consumer businesses at Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+, our combined global reach now exceeds an astounding 100 million paid subscriptions.This is a significant milestone and a reaffirmation of our strategy for growth. ASNT 2020 is 9-12 November, 2020. FX on Hulu will also offer in-season streaming as well as back seasons for most current and library series. Thanks, Jason. Absolutely. Very pleased with them by the way. Thanks so much.The theatrical window is working for this company and we have no plans to adjust it for our business. Revenue at domestic parks and experiences was up an impressive 10% in the quarter driven by higher guest spending and to a lesser extent increases in attendance at our domestic parks and resorts. One will be more premium in nature that will include the entire library of original programming and the other one will be more basic that will have the library and not the original programming priced for the market and launched at a very peak period of time for the IPL, the Cricket League and so we think it's an opportune moment, we take advantage of the presence of Star in the market and the millions of subscribers that they also have, we take advantage of the sports tie-in and we use the interface and the technology that includes the billing that already exists to launch a service we believe under very, very optimal circumstances.Thank you. And we're extremely excited about some of the things that we've got not only to sustain that linear growth that you talked about for Disney+ but actually go beyond that and grow it.

Attendance at our domestic parks was up 2% in the first quarter and per capita guest spending was up 10% on higher admissions, merchandise, and food and beverage spending. What we know about those markets not in any way pour cold water on them because we know that those brands are strong in the markets and this product is already working, the interest in streaming in general in those markets isn't as high as it has been in the United States. We currently expect these games to be played in future quarters, and the rights cost will be incurred accordingly. And I'm happy to announce that we will also be rolling out Disney+ Hotstar on September 5 in Indonesia, one of the world's most populous countries. I am enormously proud at what we have accomplished in a relatively short period of time and believe we are now well positioned to not only withstand the disruptive forces of technology, but thrive in today's increasingly dynamic media environment. Personal Finance Your line is now open.Great. Laughing Place is a dedicated group of Disney fans, like yourself, who love Disney. [Operator Instructions] I would now like to hand the conference over to speaker today, Mr. Lowell Singer, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations. On the studio, do you think moving sort of big tentpole films direct-to-consumer is going to be more of a common occurrence for Disney? Christine, if you could remind us for the U.S. domestic parks, what percent of attendance comes from international visitation and particularly from Asia and if you're thinking about that at all, when you think about the near-term effects of the virus and the travel curtailments there. First, could you provide updates on some of your past guidance, specifically on Disney+? Learn about Disney Institute, the professional development and business consulting division of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. I will say that our research indicates that -- and our bookings indicate that, you know, we should be in good shape once consumer confidence sort of returns.

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